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In the early 1990's TMS was developed to schedule the Theocratic Ministry School. However, with the changes in the meeting structure and the adjustments that came with those, it was decided that TMS needed to be re-designed. This has been done several times over the years resulting in a program that can now be used to accomplish almost every function in a congregation.

Theocratic Ministry School
Congregation Bible Study
Service Meeting
Public Talks
Chairman / Watchtower Reader
Sound Department
And more...


We do ask for a small fee for licensing. The cost of programming is outrageous. If you are a regular Pioneer, Special Pioneer, Bethel family member, or serve in any "full time service" this fee is waived.


TMS is a labor of love and many, many hours have been spent designing and implementing the various features of this program. It is a multi-threaded program, which means that it utilizes thread-level as well as instruction-level code at the same time meaning increased utilization of a single core processor. This allows for increased performance when calling up a huge amount of code. TMS creates itself each time you call on it while simultaneously reading your data.

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